Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology

Student initiatives

There are various activities for and by ACASA students Archeology, Ancient Studies and Ancient History and classical languages.

Laverna study association

C.C.A.c.N.P Laverna, or in full Collegium Classicum Amstelodamense cui Nomen Pulchra Laverna, is the study association for all classical languages ​​students of UvA and VU. Being a member of this association provides you with the opportunity to meet fellow students from all years of your study programme and to get more involved in study-related activities.

Synkratos study association

Synkratos is the VU-UvA study association for students of Archaeology, Ancient Studies and Ancient History. You can take part in a large number of activities, including trips, parties, drinks and lectures. Being a member can also have some practical benefits, such as discounts on your course books.


KLEOS is a peer-reviewed, open access academic online journal, launched in 2014, which publishes current research and review articles by graduate and PhD students, as well as starting independent researchers, from the fields of archaeology and ancient studies (i.e. classics and ancient History).

Facebook page ACASA

This page is managed by ACASA students and alumni on a voluntary basis. Do you want to know more about the latest news and events, go to this facebook page.

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4 April 2019