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In the Blending Past and Present project by the 4D Research Lab, augmented reality technology is used to add a virtual layer to reality. ACASA and Art History students apply this technology during city tours to look at reconstructions of the facades of buildings in Amsterdam.
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Blending Past and Present
Jitte Waagen with an augmented reality app (photo: Paola van der Sluis)

The students use apps to look at 2D and 3D reconstructions on three locations on the Kalverstraat and Warmoestraat. They compare the current facades to the reconstructions, which gives them archaeological and historical insights into these locations. The reconstructions were created by students of the bachelor's course Schilders, prentmakers en de beeldbronnen van Amsterdam 1500-1550 ('Painters, printmakers and the image sources of Amsterdam 1500-1550') taught by Madelon Simons. Jitte Waagen is the iniator of this project.