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Excavation possibility Satricum

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For the upcoming excavation campaign of the University of Amsterdam in ancient Satricum (Lazio, central Italy) there are vacancies for BA and MA students. Deadline application 15 March 2019.

Excavation site

Satricum is the name of an ancient settlement in Lazio (central Italy) which existed from the 9th until the 1sth century AD. Excavations in the past forty years have revealed an incredible rich archaeological record consisting of religious buildings, votive deposits, burial grounds and habitation remains.

The excavations of 2019 will focus on two different sites: the archaic urban quarters in the lower settlement area and the remains of a Roman villa dating to the 1st century AD. Archaeological research has already revealed impressive tufa foundations of large archaic buildings situated along the main road of the settlement which led to the sanctuary of the town. Evidence of earlier, Iron Age activity was recently discovered underneath the archaic buildings. Simultaneously, Republican levels referring to the Roman occupation of the town have been documented during the last two years, whereas a large part of the Roman villa was excavated in 1984.

Applications and further information

The campaign will take place from 6 July until 17 August. Students are expected to participate the full period of six weeks. We are looking for UvA and VU students, but would also like to invite a limited number of additional participants from other universities, both graduates and undergraduates, with various levels of excavation experience. The minimum requirement is some basic knowledge of Mediterranean archaeology at a University level, and a basic excavation training or experience (not necessarily in the Mediterranean). Applications will be judged individually, also taking into account relevant additional skills or experience.

Apart from travel expenses and insurances, participation will be free of costs for Dutch or exchange students registered at UvA/VU. A contribution in the living costs of 50 euros a week will be asked from foreign students. Students from other Dutch universities have to register at the UvA for the excavation as an elective course at the University of Amsterdam, which will also give formal credits (6 EC)
Applications and requests for more information can be sent to Prof. Marijke Gnade ( before 1 March.

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