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Our specialisms in Classics research are:

  • Ancient Greek linguistics and Greek of the Mycenaean period (VU)
  • Ancient Greek literature of the imperial period (VU)
  • Classics at highschool  (UvA)
  • Classics at highschool / Ancient Greek and Latin didactics (VU)
  • Cicero and rhetorical aspects of Latin literary texts (VU)
  • Discourse analysis (Latin and Greek) (VU)
  • Early Christian and Patristic literature (VU)
  • Greek literature of the Byzantine period (VU)
  • Greek narratology (UvA)
  • Greek philosophical authors (Plato, Epictetus, Philostratus) (VU)
  • Greek tragedy  (UvA)
  • Hellenistic and Roman poetry  (UvA)
  • History of Rhetoric  (UvA)
  • Homeric epics  (UvA)
  • Latin erotic literature of the Middle Ages  (UvA)
  • Latin linguistics  (UvA and VU)
  • Latin narratology (VU)
  • Latin poetry (didactic poetry, poetry of the Flavian period, early Christian poetry) (VU)
  • Poetry in Late Roman Antiquity  (UvA)
  • Reception of ancient Literature in modern Dutch literature (VU)
  • Roman comedy  (UvA)
  • Textual  transmission and text edition (VU)