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Opening on 11 June 2014.


The Satricum exhibition at the museum of Le Ferriere, Latium will display finds of 36 years of excavation at the ancient town of Satricum by several Dutch universities.

After seven years, a date is set for the opening of this exhibition. The authorities in Italy finally accepted the proposal of Prof.dr. Marijke Gnade to initiate an exhibition in the old iron factory of Le Ferriere, which is recently renovated. The opening is on 11 June 201 which is the day of the ‘Matralia’, a festive day in honour of the Latin goddess Mater Matuta.

Meanwhile, first activities have started in the museum, like the restoration and cleaning of the displays. Furthermore, the exhibition outline is planned with the objects and the set-up of the displays. From May Marijke Gnade will start with the actual set-up of the museum, under assistance of Eline Schouten and Laurien de Gelder (University of Amsterdam).