Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology

PhD defense Marleen Martens

Life and culture in the Roman Small Town of Tienen. Transformations of cultural behavior by comparative analysis of material culture assemblages

31 oktober 2012

The 30st of November at 11.45 drs. Marleen Martens will defend her Ph.-D. thesis and receive her doctorate at the VU University Amsterdam. Her supervisors are Prof. N. Roymans and Dr S. Willis (University of Kent, UK).

In her thesis Marleen examined the archaeological finds, the site formation processes and especially the structured  way finds and other archaeological remains were intentionally lain down by the people of the Roman Small Town at Tienen in central Belgium during the first 3 centuries AD. Particular emphasis is placed on the comparison of archaeological remains from domestic, cemetery and ritual/ceremonial contexts. These contexts, indeed, show distinct patterns of difference and similarity and clearly demonstrate that these three cultural domains were defined by their own socio-cultural rules and practices. Furthermore the research  provides an illuminating focus on how the composition of the burial, domestic and ritual assemblage underwent gradual but consistent changes throughout the Roman period as a result of changing external circumstances, ideas and values and the gradual change of the culture of the Roman vicus community.

This approach provides important new insights into consumer choices and practices in different cultural contexts.


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