Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology

Cicero and Clodius at Ostia?

Archaeological and Historical Perspectives on the Porta Romana inscriptions

03Dec2018 15:00 - 17:00


Lecture by dr. Mary Jane Cuyler (The University of Sydney)

In recent years Cicero’s name has begun to appear in studies of late Republican Ostia. Yet the proposed connection between Cicero and Ostia is attested nowhere in any historical record; in fact, the entire theory rests on a questionable reading of epigraphic fragments of uncertain provenance. Cuyler's research casts doubt on Cicero’s involvement in Ostian civic affairs.


Dr Mary Jane Cuyler (University of Sydney) is the Director of Field Operations for the Ostia Synagogue Project and the President of FORO (Friends of Roman Ostia).
Her forthcoming article, “Legend and Archaeology at Ostia: P. Lucilius Gamala and the Quattro Tempietti”, has been awarded the 2018 BABESCH Byvanck Award, awarded to the best scholarly paper submitted to the BABESCH periodical by a novice in the field of archaeological research.

Venue: UvA/Doelenzaal

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