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Fieldschool Muro Tenente Italy

04July2017 30July2017


In July 2017 the VU University Amsterdam will resume its international field school in the Italian regio of Apulia. Apply now for participation in the excavations!

The VU University, Mediterranean Archaeology section will organize a fieldwork campaign in the south Italian region of Apulia, at the ancient fortified settlement of Muro Tenente.
The fieldwork is open for Bachelor (post-propedeuse) and Master students in Archaeology or Ancient Studies (Oudheidkunde) from the VU and other Dutch Universities.
Application deadline: 1 March, 2017.

The Muro Tenente excavations

Muro Tenente is a 52ha large fortified site located in the Apulian plain of Brindisi, dating to the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. VU-archaeologists have been involved in excavations at the site for over 20 years, investigating its chronology, function,spatial organization and relationship with the surrounding countryside.

The aim is to investigate the effects of Greek and Roman colonization in this region. Since 2009 the VU has dedicated its efforts also to the conservation, development and management of this important regional heritage site, in collaboration with local and regional authorities and with substantial EU funding.

The site will be developed as a landscape reserve and at the same time geophysical prospections and excavations will take place to investigate some of its major features: the fortifications, part of the settlement and a graveyard. Students will be involved particularly in the excavations (both excavation and post-excavation activities).

Accomodation and travelling

You will be housed in the little town of Mesagne, either in a local school or a convent. From there, it is only a short walk to the center of the town. The accommodation consists of shared (class-)rooms and includes showers/bathroom (and most probably wireless internet). The VU will provide all meals (except on Sundays). Students are responsible for their own travel expenses (cheapest way to get there is about 150 euro, including return tickets to Rome and train to Mesagne).


In order to apply, please send an email before 1 March 2017 to Anne van Hilst,, containing:

  • a motivation letter explaining why you wish to participate (preferably in relation to your study programme)
  • a brief CV

N.B. 1: please give an indication of your previous experience in fieldwork, e.g. in material analysis, databases or Total Station or any courses that may be relevant
N.B. 2: also provide other information that may be relevant (driver's license, allergies etc.).

We aim to inform you about our selection of participants before mid March. All students selected are expected to hand in a fieldwork report. Upon selection, non-VU University students (Dutch and Foreign) have to subscribe themselves as a subsidiary student at VU University Amsterdam, also if you are already
a subsidiary student at a Dutch university.

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