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4G and archaeology at UvA

11 September 2014

Direct access to archaeological maps and information by 4G internet on tablets.

The University of Amsterdam has started a pilot with 4G internet on tablets. 
In the context of the first-year course ‘Introduction Archaeology’ students get in touch with the archaeology of Amsterdam through the use of digital media. During a fieldstudy, students are enabled to use a selection of historical and archaeological maps and other sources of information. By direct comparison, students are confronted with several historical phases of the city and its current lay-out, and gain insight in the historical origin of buildings, spatial organization and possible archaeological find locations buried under the current street-level.

Mobile e-learning

The project is a successful demonstration of how the use of mobile applications can lead to an increased understanding of the material under study.

The pilot has been organized by UvA,  ACASA – Department of Archaeology and Bureau Monumenten & Archeologie Amsterdam in cooperation with SURF and KPN. For more information, please take a look at the video on SURF.

Published by  ACASA